A Coin Has Three Sides

Everyone knows that a coin only has two sides. But what defines a ‘side’? If the coin can stand or sit on it, then it must be a side. Heads, tails and the edge. Yes, a coin can sit on its edge, so that must be a side.

To be on one of the two sides is to be subjective, you are this or that, you know what you are or what the situation is, and that is the perspective you see it from. This is always your subjective view based on how things will serve you the best. However, you may have noticed that this view does not always work out well for you.

To be objective we must be able to see all sides of every situation, and that can only be done from a position of neither this nor that.

Lying on either side, the coin does not move, however if you stand it on its edge, it can roll around the world, or down the drain as I saw a coin do when it fell out of my pocket and rolled about two meters right into the sewer and did not react to stop it.

In order for life to move forward, we must be on the third side so we can roll along. This means to be objective.

If you are not willing to give up your personal views that always suit your self interested desires, then you will never see the ‘big picture’.

In order to keep your life moving forward, guiding its direction as you roll along, you must look at all situations from the third side, the one that can see both sides of every situation, and then guide your coin in the direction of objective reality.

You may not always get what you want, but in this way of dealing with life, you will get success far more often and at the end of your term on earth, you will have gone a lot further in every aspect of a fulfilled life.

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