How To Improve Your Business

The successful entrepreneur operates with the individuality of each client in mind. These are a few points that make the difference between the average entrepreneur and one who’s business excels. There are certain qualities of character which are described in another writing which complements this discussion. For now, let us start with examining some experiences that may discourage one from even beginning the challenge of being in the business world, and then work towards subtle points that can vastly improve the quality of the business, and the people involved. This reflects in improved personal as well as business relationships.

How to Deal With People

Know that other people will not always be reliable or honest or straight or do what they say they will do. We can get very depressed or loose faith in human nature or hope for the world or feel hopeless about ever being able to deal with people when repeatedly met with such behavior.

1 How does that effect our present mood and how does that destroy our fire for life and our motivation.

When we get excited about something, and the event does not match up to our expectations, there is a part of us that fades at that moment. It takes a significant amount of energy to get excited and the adrenaline flowing. When we are young, there is plenty of energy to build up and die off without our noticing. But each time an event does not happen, the body decides to conserve a bit of energy next time in case it again is not provided with the expected result and let down. If this happens repeatedly, the amount of allotted expendable energy is slowly reduced to the point where we feel we have no energy left and do not get excited to begin with so there is no let down. This is done fully on an automatic, subconscious, mechanical level between our mind, emotions and body, without us being consciously aware of it.

2 How can we deal with people like that so we do not get emotionally hurt or suffer business losses.

Ignorance of the operation of any machine will lead to an accident or malfunction eventually. Our body, mind and emotions are no different. When we know how our mind functions, we become capable of preventing its automatic functions that are not in accordance with our desires. The knowledge of how the mind works and reacts to the subtle events of life is the beginning of immunization against the heartbreak and disillusionment of what can be a trying world, especially in the business and work environments. Self observation of our experiences in the physical body while under a stressful situation will in itself alter and reduce the negative automatic effects.

Being on Automatic Pilot

People generally do things in a very automatic way. Try to think of the individual, do not assume that everyone wants the same things in exactly the same way.

The successful entrepreneur will operate with the thought of catering to the individuality of each client, the many possibilities. Example; If the business is a restaurant, when making a sandwich, let the client choose what goes on the bread and in the meal. Give the client the choose without placing things in your creation according to your own tastes or assumptions that everyone without fail likes the same things.

Remember that just because no one complains, does not mean that there are not unhappy customers. People will often not complain to avoid hurting or insulting someone. Perhaps they feel that their comment will never reach the right person so why bother, or fear that they may get an employee in trouble. As a successful entrepreneur, you must anticipate what every client wants AND does not want, regardless of the feedback you are getting or not getting.

Giving the other person the choice of what they get translates into much more successful relationships both in business and personally because you cultivate the view of each person individually making each person feel important and valued as themselves, that they are personally cared for and respected. And for yourself, you are no longer placing experiences of the past over your present experiences doing anything automatically, subconsciously, which often leads to assumptions and false ideas about someone which are irrelevant in their case. Just because someone has the same hairdo or clothing style and reminds you subconsciously of someone in your past, does not mean they have all the same characteristics.

The Positive Side of Seeing the Negative

When you see something you dislike and disagree with, in any aspect of life or business, make sure you are not doing that same thing. Take it as an example of what you can improve and refine in your self and your business. Do not get angry with things that are not according to your likes, but be grateful that you have seen something that you can improve within your self and business that will make you unique from the rest.

Remember that all advancements in inventions or technologies etc, are born out of errors. It is out of errors that we discover what does not work and improve on that to find what does work or take what does work and make it a bit better. All errors of your own or of other people are to be seen in the light of where can I benefit from this error, how can I take this mistake and turn it into a profit or improvement, or perhaps a new invention, business idea or concept altogether. That is a true entrepreneur.

Awareness to the Details of Your Actions

Example. You drive behind a vehicle which is spitting out black smelly smoke, very irritating to drive behind yet have you checked the exhaust on your vehicle lately? Or on a personal level, your character, do you watch your own words and actions? Are you unconsciously going along through life quite happily unaware that you are leaving in your wake some disturbance to the people following behind you, be it your words and actions or the actions of your possessions or business.

The Business Owner is the Father and Servant

As the owner of the business, it is your duty to provide a healthy environment for your employees where they can get what they need to survive, this means having a useful purpose, feeling productive, spending their days working in a healthy environment where they can serve adequately and be useful to the business as well as earn a reasonable pay that they can then provide an adequate living for themselves and their family.

In this way, the owner is the father of his employees, and as well the father of the clients. A business exists to provide the right quality products at a fair price because the client comes in in need of something, the business provides that which the clients needs. As a father who would like to be honored and respected by his children, the business owner must provide with such great care, quality and attention to the clients as he would to his own children, in order to gain the love and respect and repeat business and recommendations of his clients to their friends and family.

In the view of the employee with the owner being the father, great respect and devotion will be achieved which translates to harder working, more efficient employees, and less chance of employee theft. Basically the staff should take better care of the business, giving it back a bit of the example it sets on how to treat other people and things.

Being Responsible and Respectful

When people call you or send email, that is because they need or want to talk to you and would like a response. Sometimes the day can get busy enough that responding to all calls is not possible, however not returning a call is saying that the caller is not important or valuable. Return all calls and emails even if it is only to say you are busy and will call back when you have more time. Do not leave anyone left ignored. It is a question of respect. Equally, being on time or early for all appointments shows your respect of the other person by valuing their time, not making them stand around and wait for you as if they have nothing better to do.


One may say that in order to succeed as a business owner, entrepreneur, or decent human being, the skill boils down to at all times when dealing with another person, consider how you would like to be treated, and treat them at all times according to what you would sincerely find acceptable and reasonable and satisfying to yourself, without justifying or tricking yourself in saying: “I would be happy if I got that much pay if I was in that persons position.” Rather do not think about being in another persons position, but rather see yourself today, as you are, would you be satisfied with receiving that much, or little, from your employer or as a client from the company you are doing business with.

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