Why We Want To Be Able To Do Nothing, But Cannot Do Nothing For Long

We want to be rich so we do not have to do anything that we do not want to do, like go to work at a job we do not like or deal with the hassles of life because we cannot afford to just pay the money and be done with it.

We want to live in a peaceful place so we can be completely still and silent and relaxed without obligations or pressure. We want this, yet so few people achieve it. Why?

Why do we really want this freedom? For me, the reason is that it is only in that freedom from any obligations of life that my mind can be still and free enough to be released from my ego with its grasping to all the things humans want. Both the material as well as emotional needs which bind us with our desires and need for them.

Only then, when there is nothing at all in life that I need to attend to or desire, can I achieve complete annihilation of the ego and return back to my source, my clear unobstructed original nature.

I do not think I am any different than anyone else. Perhaps the only difference is that I am clear about what that little voice that makes me feel something is wrong or missing in life, is really saying.

This is why we want to retire and have the easy life, not only so that life is easy, although that is certainly a valid reason, but on a deeper level, so our mind can come to that state of quietness and can rest and return back to the state of our original being. Then it will have the possibility and opportunity to find the answer to the questions; Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? If I am not this person who lives and dies, who am I, Really?

The problem is that if we do stop and do nothing, completely relaxed for a time, but do not take the opportunity to reflect inward or quiet the mind by simply observing our breathing or have any type of meditative practice of inward reflection, doing nothing gets uncomfortable and we eventually need to get moving again.

On the other hand, people who have a meditative practice, often also have a life that isn’t truly free and so their meditations lack reaching the ultimate goal because their mind or ego is still tied to material desires or obligations or the ego is concerned about what other people are thinking about them. They are not stoic or emotionally independent.

And so, both the attainment of being able to do nothing without having a practice or a life of practice without having the true life of freedom to do nothing, miss the target.

We must refine our direction, actions and life such that we have the true freedom both in the material sense as well as the emotional and ego sense.

Only then the combination of those freedoms with a willingness and determination to sit and be still long enough, reflecting inwardly, can bring an experience of opening your inner mind and deeper heart to know why you are here or who you are, really.

This equates simply to experiencing pure bliss.

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