Educational Trust: Request for Criteria Suggestions

Educational Trust for Malaysia and Philippine orphans

This is not a call for money, it is a request for ideas only.

I would like to ask you what criteria would you suggest we put in for the trust managers to determine who will be put through school.  Please tell me any ideas you have as to what you feel the criteria for selecting the recipients of the funding should be.  It will be open to any age from baby to 20 years old, and take them from elementary through university if they have the aptitude and meet the conditions we set forth

I will donate my entire estate to this foundation so it should put a few hundred kids through school in Asia and I want to be sure that it is clear and most effective, which is why I want any ideas anyone has to make this perfect.

I have chosen Malaysia as the base because of a personal reason as well as the Indian community gets nothing from the government and is the hardest hit race here economically and socially. Philippines is also included because many kids never get any education at all and end up as hookers or living on the street. Both countries as so cheap that we can put many more deserving kids through school than in western countries.

To help a child get an education means they have a better life, but it also helps their kids, and grandchildren. Education has ripples for generations, which is why I choose education over medical or other causes. But it is critical that we find the best way to make sure we select the right kids who can do the most with the education so they become productive in society, that is what I need help with determining, the selection process.

We will ask all recipients of the grant to remember where they got their chance and to give back when they start earning.

It will be NON religious. No affiliation with any religion will be allowed. There are many ‘christian’ charities, but they always push their religion and I do not want to allow for any influences other than education.

No money will be given to the recipients or families. All expenses for the education will be paid directly to the school, so there is no chance of cheating or people taking the money and not going to school. Minimum grades must be maintained to continue the funding.

If you want to see the entire list of criteria that I have already, just ask and I will email it to you, but for now, any and every thought you have will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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