Foundation Job Opportunity

A few months ago I posted about the foundation I am creating. I am now ready for the next step which is finding the right person to work for me.  This is a call for applications for a very interesting job for the right person.

The first thing to be clear is that the right person is someone who sincerely wants to help children in poverty to get a good education in some skill so they can change the direction of their life from poverty to a decent living and a self sufficient life.

The job is basically to identify children who fit the criteria that will make them the right ones to support in their education. Many orphans and abandoned children in Asia are often not at all motivated and do not even dream of a better life. We must find and support those who have ambition even if it is just to be a hairdresser or car mechanic, but to have a profession and support themselves and their future family in a standard of living that is self sufficient and useful to society.

When a child is selected, then to arrange the eduction and what else is really needed to support the child through to completion and getting a good job. This could also include selecting and arranging for the child to move to another country through selecting a preferential skill which gives them quick and easy immigration.

A very important aspect of the job is to learn the principles of correct conduct, ethics and morals which are responsible for how I was able to accumulate the money I am putting into the foundation and apply these principles in the communication and interaction with the children so they learn the most important principles of a successful life.

In summary, the job will be established based on a minimum 5 year term, which may be extended to 10 or more years, depending on how well the foundation is run, which is part of the job. I estimate a minimum of 200 children will be educated, but my long term plan, if the foundation is run as I designed it, could keep the foundation running perpetually.

Even if the funds are used up and we close the foundation in five years, whoever gets this job will be capable of doing just about anything they want in life, so you will be far better off at the end in many ways.

If you feel capable and sincerely devoted to a job which is focused on helping orphaned and abandoned children have a better future in a way that will exponentially help generations that follow them, please send your application telling me about your experiences and reasons why you deserve this job.

There are no requirements such as a university degree or specific experience.  The story you tell me about yourself and why you want and should be chosen to get this job will determine if you qualify to go to the next step of the interview process.

If you have any questions you can feel free to ask.  Please send your application by email or on the contact page.

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