How to Eliminate Paranoia and Other Fears

Paranoia is fear of being caught. What exactly are you afraid of being caught for? Is it for being pure and perfect? That is doubtful. If a person is paranoid, that means they have something to fear, something they did wrong or are too weak to defend.

Paranoia is in the mind, it is a mental fear, that means that there is something in your mind that causes you to fear.

Paranoia is an incomprehensible fear. It is something that controls you, yet you do not understand it and are unable to do anything about. It is an unconscious fear to the extent that if you are truly conscious of the cause, you would be able to correct it. Hence the difficulty of correcting it is in the unrealized and unconscious cause.

Therefor what you really fear that creates paranoia must be unknown, you are not aware for what you are fearful, even as you feel paranoid and cannot explain why.

This would indicate that if you lived a life as pure and perfect as possible, in whatever way you personally deem correct, perhaps even in ways that you and anyone would consider irrelevant, then you would have less to fear.

Fear is conquered by having nothing to fear. If the fear is of being caught for doing something wrong or incomplete, then the solution is to do things well and completely, and so have nothing to fear and paranoia will diminish if that is its cause.

If you are very wealthy, you should have far less fear of starving than a person who has a job that barely pays the bills and has a family to provide for. This poor person may be paranoid of other people trying to steal his job for example. The immense war machine and stockpile of weapons indicates paranoia that an enemy will attack, and so fuels a build up of destructive tools to give comfort.

Think about what you wish to possess and acquire. How much of that is to prevent some other event from happening. Having your own land and growing food prevents starvation in case the stores are empty or you have no money. You see, there are many little events that we all get involved in which indicate a paranoia or fear on some level.

Because being labeled as paranoid is such a distasteful concept, it is rarely accepted as a normal and most common trait. Rather we may admit to having a fear or even deny that with our best efforts of self-lying and avoidance.

Fear, paranoia, or any concern that occupies your thoughts will prevent a perfectly peaceful and balanced state of mind. This is why it is so important to discover the truth about what you feel so that you can work on correcting the disturbance.

If you do not make trouble, if you do not upset the world, if you do not make mistakes, if you do not take money for a job half done, if you do not break the laws of man or the universal laws, if you are not arrogant or flashy flaunting your possessions, then there is no one who would want to harm or bother you. And so we can say that the person with fears and paranoia is a person who unconsciously or consciously knows they are not living according to a correct, even in their own terms, life.

Search yourself for what you do that you know is not right, for what you regret, remove these things from your life, correct as much as can be corrected and do not continue to make more mistakes, and your heart and mind will eventually become calm and at peace.

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4 Responses to How to Eliminate Paranoia and Other Fears

  1. annapurna April 11, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    this article helped a lot to understand the basis of some of my fears which i never realized.thank you sir….

  2. Larry Gardner August 14, 2013 at 2:37 am #

    I’m not sure about this article. I get paranoid when I must tell my sister, who has some sort of personality disorder, that I want to spend the day alone in the forest and just sort of meditate. It always ends up in an argument as she feels her needs must take priority over mine. I also get paranoid if I think she is going to dominate all my time. I am not responsible for her, so what am I doing that is not correct?

    • David Samuel August 14, 2013 at 3:06 am #

      The article was written with a slightly different type of paranoia in mind, however I would say that in your example, it is more guilt and a feeling of obligation that you are dealing with. For some reason you feel responsible for your sister, as if her problem is your fault.
      She clearly has some problems and feels insecure so needs to control you and have you there, she is scared of being alone.
      Perhaps helping her to be more free, if that is possible, will help relieve you. But of course, you can also leave her as she is and know that there is nothing you can do. I would say that you could decide you are not responsible for her, but that would go against the idea that family should stick together and take care of each other, so there is a fine line that I cannot really comment on since I do not know you or your sister personally.


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