New iPhone Game To Develop Intuition

My latest project is now completed.

I have designed an iPhone application game with the help of a friend, Brendon Duck, who is an excellent programmer, and it is live on the iTunes store now. It is called ForeSight.

The game is basically to help you develop your intuition.

I got the idea from trading on the Forex and Stock markets as a day trader, because really, success in that investment is based on having good intuition. This will not only help us in business, but also in every day life of course.

So I figured out how we can develop our intuition and designed this game around it.

Please help spread the word of my game by distributing my web site address, and of course visit the site to get all the details of the game.

We are now working on an iPad version with larger graphics and then we move on to the second game which is a few months away.

Thank you for your help in getting the word out, and honestly, I do believe this is a fun game that really will help build intuition and act as a great meditation tool to focus the mind, and for $1.99 it is worth testing.

Thank you,

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