David offers the service of conflict resolution via mediation and negotiation as well as teaching a method of how to view situations such that conflicts never arise on an individual and group level.

David enters a conflict or negotiation  situation as a neutral person to find the objective desires of each party and quickly brings the situation to a mutual understanding and agreement.

On a personal level, David presents a simple workshop that explores the true cause of conflict, how a confrontational situation triggers conflicts and resistance, which usually brings with it anger, and most importantly how to eradicate this negative state from your life.

Conflicts are sadly a frequent and common part of everyones life. There are two kinds of conflicts, those with another person or group, and those which we have with our own mind.

The truly sad and at the same time encouraging realization is that although we feel conflicts are inevitable, that is not at all true. We can in fact live a life free from conflicts, both with others as well as our own self.

A full removal of conflict does take some time, but we have seen ample proof that our techniques will reduce anger and conflicts by half within weeks.