While reading your books, Understanding Words and All Is Mind, I started to realize why I'm angry and how to transform the anger into something more positive. I especially liked the sections that discuss the inner workings of the mind - why it works like it does and makes us react the way we do. It's so nice to know why we do the things we do but also that we are capable of change. I am already noticing the changes and having anger-free moments. I feel so much better.

Ann W. USA

Before I met David I was sleeping 9 hours a day but still feeling tired all the time. Since working with David, I now sleep 5-6 hours a night and wake up feeling energized. He has helped me find a whole new source of energy to live a better, happier, healthier life. David Samuel’s teachings have been a true blessing.

Matt J.

Not only did David Samuel’s teachings take me from living in a caravan to becoming a well paid, self sufficient artist, he has shown me how to attain balance and eliminate unnecessary suffering from my life. I am a happier, healthier, stronger, more rounded person; my emotions no longer at the mercy of outside events or inward imaginations. Thank you, David. I will never be able to thank you enough.

Andy S

David brought a fire and enthusiasm to our team that impressed our clients and improved the whole work environment as well as increasing sales, team moral and productivity in these difficult times.

Peter P

I’ve recently read your All is Mind a few times these last few days, and planning on doing it again and again… Thank you for your writing it! The style you wrote this piece has given me the ability to see my mind in a way I have not ever been able to see it. This will be a new beginning of a long process realizing all the mucked up thoughts I’ve done most of 40 years of life.

My sincere thanks to you,


We thoroughly enjoyed your delightful presentation. You had us captivated with the perfect balance of “serious” content and entertainment weaved throughout.

Two thumbs up!

Steve & Louise

Whatever problems I am having are being solved with the help of your precious articles. I’ve started to love my wife even more with positive results. Your writings seem to be written specially for me & I am sure every reader has the same feeling.

Amolkumar K

I just finished reading your ebook “All is Mind”, I never read anything with such an interest and passion, translating every single word where I doubt the meaning as my primary language is not English.

Thank you for such masterpiece, please let me know if you are going to attend any event in London, it would be a great experience to meet you.

Artem Vorobiev
Founder & Managing Director of ArtVor Ltd

I really enjoy the articles I am getting from you, I look up to getting them daily so that I can meditate on them throughout the day.


I would like to thank you for the All is Mind course.

The easy way you explain the complexity of the mind and it’s behavior is fun and exiting to listen to. Also it makes you think in daily life how your reaction is on situations. It is interesting to find out how you can take influence on decisions that you make, just by knowing which part of your brain is in charge. It even made talking to business partners easier, because of understanding their reactions which made dealing with them less stressful.

I would recommend the All is Mind course to everyone, who is curious to know, how the brain really behaves.

Just by listening to David, you will get a new insight in your daily life and it’s reactions on situations.


I took the All Is Mind course with David Samuel with the intention of creating better communication in my relationship. The information I received in the course has brought a greater understanding of what
communication is, where it comes from and how to use it to create a happy relationship with everyone I am with. In just the few short days after the
course I find myself reviewing the material and exercises and feeling much more peaceful and happy moment to moment. The course has guided me to see all thoughts and reactions as existing only in me and if they exist only in me then I am able to change them and steer them to a much happier response
to most everything that happens from day to day.

I highly recommend this course for those who want to live a happier life.


I thank you for having inspired me to search and learn about the true meaning of life & not ever give up on myself.


David has helped increase my business 78% over the last three years. He helped me understand the true strengths of my business and provided ongoing coaching and support as we changed directions to meet the needs of an ongoing struggling economy and the niche market my business operates within.

Suzanne Hammer
Hammer & Associates

David knows how to balance my life. Sounds strange, but after applying his techniques, involving mind, body and soul, both my business and personal life, improved dramatically. In his calm manner he told me why and how to make fast, structured decisions, shifting my focus. The impact of structured thinking is a must for a modern business model. Attracting these types of minds or reforming existing ones enhances business culture and profits.

South Africa

Studying with David has helped me to become a far more productive, happy, and well balanced person. Thanks to his teachings I have a better work ethic, more respect for others, and more respect for myself. He has shown me the way to live the life I’ve always envisioned. I am very grateful for his help and guidance.

Chris B. Madison

I was inspired about learning how the system of perception works and the easiness how David shows us to be open to everything what comes and to live a better life with better awareness, making better descisions.

David is an author who is within reach for his students. Every time I had a question or needed help, great response came immediately.

thank you so much for your inspiring speech and exciting content on your websites

Hope to meet him again somewhere, sometime.

Goettingen, Germany

There is no one more valuable as a teacher, guide and mentor than David. I cannot recommend him highly enough!


Thank you for writing such an inspirational yet direct book. This has inspired me to evolve my thoughts into a more productive revenue. Your philosophy will be preached to colleagues and friends.

Sagren Naidu
Project Manager- National Knorrox/ Special Projects/ Knorr

I have just finished reading your free e-book “Feelings, Thoughts & Emotions”. It is a truly wonderful, thought provoking and emotion stirring collection of poetry. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how very much I’ve enjoyed it and how truly talented and connected you are!


David is an inspiring, thought-provoking and passionate presenter who engages his audience with his natural and relaxed style. He draws on a diverse range of personal experience in both business and spirituality with a depth of knowledge that is rare within these disciplines. Using humour and anecdotes to illustrate the topics in his presentation he adds new perspectives and clarity. He has a versatile ability to offer a unique, practical and refreshing approach to a wide range of subject areas.

Julie Alexander
Phoenix Coaching Auckland, New Zealand

Because it is led by a teacher who has real experience and knowledge of what he talks about. David is a dynamic and spontaneous leader who lifts the quality of a discussion in a very beneficial way.

Andrew S.

If you want to learn and grow, challenge yourself, become responsible for making things happen in your life, then this is the group for you.


This group allows people to challenge themselves, to go deeper in their knowledge and understanding about their thinking and actions! I have thoroughly enjoyed the talks given by David, and am looking forward to hear more from him. The group is made up of positive and open-minded people which is great to meet and continue the discussions with. . . So come along and experience for yourself! ”


David Samuel, host of these talks, is truly a man of profound knowledge. I benefit from his talks enormously. Attending these talks regularly for almost 1 year now, has helped me gain more control and direction in my life, eliminate negative emotions, grow spiritually, and become successful in my business which is quickly leading towards financial freedom. ”

Chrystal Ash

Corporates, management talk about team bonding, we read books about team management and growing as a team. Well a few members within this group are an example of how team building should be done. They work as a team and learn from each other. They are out there supporting each other and helping each other to grow with no self expectations 🙂 ”


David Samuel presented a 90 minute workshop at the 8th New Zealand Learning Convention in September, 2003. This is an International Convention for Trainers, Managers and Educators, attended by many of the largest organisations in New Zealand and Australia.

David was professional in every respect. He kept all time agreements, treated the delegates with respect and stayed on task according to his workshop learning objectives.

David presents with clarity, understanding and empathy. He has the ability to touch the audience with his humour and sincerity.

I have no hesitation in recommending David as a quality speaker.

Brent Stubbins
Managing Director The Brainworks Ltd.

In my opinion, there is no person in the world better suited to help you achieve your
goal. David is that one-in-a-billion kind of person.

Ande Schurr

I am highly impressed by your contribution to enormous knowledge in the field of humanity and philosophy, please endeavor to list me amongst your ardent fans and subscribers if I may say.

Mudy Y
Humanity for Africa

As a result of my time with David I have grown into a far more confident individual who is far less susceptible to being controlled by my emotions and fears.

Brendon Duck
Software Developer