David talks about simple principles as a means of attaining a balanced personality, which improves business success, as well as greatly enhancing personal relationships.

The success of a business, relationship, or a person’s life in general is related to the mental and emotional state of the people involved. Understanding the common denominator in all people – the mind and its sometimes confusing and complicated ways – is the key.


This method is a very effective and long lasting individual building system that:

  • Significantly reduces anger, conflicts and stress
  • Improves self esteem
  • Fires up and maintains motivation
  • Improves all relationships
  • Brings balance to one’s life

Balanced individuals build a strong company at work and healthy relationships at home.

David is able to explain and convey this knowledge in a clear, enjoyable and easy to understand presentation utilizing unique concepts.

Students’ Comments
David’s students come from across the world including Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand. Here are some of the comments they have made about David and his teaching:

Just wanted to say thank you again for Practical Mysticism. With the help of Taming your Dragons, All IS Mind and this book I significantly improved my emotional well-being and this is having a radiating effect on my life. Picking up that first book was the beginning of an exciting journey and I’m happy to keep going.

David is an inspiration to me and gives me a living personable example of how I can truly excel. I am more disciplined, my breath is fuller and my attitude and outlook on life is much more positive. You need both – the inspiring books with their ‘secrets’ AND the personal interaction with a teacher who shows you how to make the secrets habitual in your life. This is David’s value.

What David teaches is not for the weak of heart because he speaks the truth…and often the truth hurts.  David’s series of lessons and exercises, some seemingly simple and others more difficult, have provided me a method of living a life that is more fulfilling, content and successful.

David Samuel will lead you out of the mire of your own disappointments and negative thought patterns to a far brighter state of being. You will not only rediscover the inner beauty and love in all others but more importantly, in yourself.

David has done two things for me: He has helped me see that I am asleep, and, he has given me tools and personal tasks that I may wake up. I find in him a strangely exhilarating mix of an unflappable eastern master who will ‘beat’ you every time you repeat your mistakes with a fun, contemporary businessman who laughs freely and is very much at home with the corporate lifestyle.

The beauty of David’s approach is that while he teaches nothing new (same message ten thousand years later!) everything is newly applied  – born from the furnace of his own experiences. Despite his extensive experience in the world, he maintains an innocence like a little child. This is what makes him so approachable – as Rudyard Kipling says in his poem ‘If’ – to both kings and commoners.