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Mind Training Exercises for Success

The 58 exercises (one for each week and few extras) are primarily related to your mind, moods and emotions. In this way, they will effect your business, work, spiritual growth and relationships by eliminating negative emotions, increasing your mental strength and will power.

By practicing each exercise every day for a week, your mind will become more positive and sharper. In simple terms, you will become smarter, get more ideas, be more creative, and see things that previously have passed you by.

The exercises are very simple and easy to incorporate in your day, so there is no more than a couple of minutes that needs to be set aside.”

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Inspiring Thoughtsbook-inspiring-thoughts

ebook | 116 Thoughts


In our fast paced world where micro-second decisions are becoming the traits of leaders, we have not lost the need and desire for wisdom or positive thoughts to keep us going.

This collection of Inspiring Thoughts has been growing for the past decade and will continue to grow with more experience and adaptation to an ever changing world.

Keep one thought in your mind for the day, or week, and let it permeate your intellect until you find the hidden meanings which trigger your own intuition and feed your aspiration for creativity and inner balance.

Having lived both as a successful rags to riches story, from getting cloths given to the poor to self-made millionaire at 25 years old, then years as a monk, David has created these thoughts for the active person who wants inner peace and harmony without giving up the material world.

Practical Mysticism: Business Success and Balanced Living Through Ancient and Modern Spiritual Teachings

ebook or print | 215 Pages

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Ebook or Print

Practical Mysticism is a revolutionary personal, spiritual and business approach for the new millenium.No-one can say that millionaire entrepreneur David Samuel’s approach is business as usual—he clearly engages a more potent method: In his new book, Practical Mysticism: Business Success and Balanced Living through Ancient and Modern Spiritual Teachings,he shows how business inspired by spiritual laws becomes a winning formula for creating value for others while achieving great personal success.

As he guides readers through various “awakenings,” David provides a toolbox to help anyone achieve his or her objectives. Gleaned from a twenty-year study in which he practiced under masters and scholars of Sufism, Taoism, Kabbalah, Zen Buddhism, Mystical Christianity and other, lesser-known spiritual paths, David discovered active spirituality refines and energizes one’s personal, spiritual and business abilities as well as greatly improved relationships with partners, children and even parents!

Practical Mysticism takes readers through a step-by-step program for self-improvement guaranteed to reward them, whatever their particular field of endeavor. Through a series of 50 life-changing exercises, Samuel demonstrates how to:

* Identify and clarify important objectives.
* Attract and recognize opportunity.
* Manifest goals, both short-term and long-term.
* Draw out excellence from employees and colleagues.
* Overcome obstacles.
* Cultivate inner peace and strength, and maintain balance.
* Revitalize one’s personal life and relationships.

Practical Mysticism is peppered with stories and anecdotes to illustrate David’s breakthrough approach.

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Taming Your Dragons:Eliminating The Hidden Causes of Conflict, Anger & Stress.

print only | 185 Pages


Every one of us knows the sting of words said in anger…If you’re on the receiving end, those words can cut to the bone…If you’re the one firing the barrage, each word hitting its soft target can bring a bitter-sweet satisfaction. But, the devastation that can be inflicted by a programmed negative reaction to a misinterpreted situation can severely damage relationships with the people we care most about.

Taming Your Dragons is an enlightened non-mystical and very conventional practical look at the costly emotion anger and its associates; conflict and stress. It offers simple ways to change reactions to situations that evoke destructive emotions whether being angry, stressed or dealing with aggression from others. Its clear ideas and real help encourage a journey of exploration and evaluation to the source of our reactions— our mind. Taming Your Dragons holds the signposts for the most important journey of life. All you need is the courage and desire to begin your journey now.

Taming Your Dragons is for everyone of any age who has had enough of anger and stress and would like to live free of these useless destructive emotions as well as attain greater balance in their life and relationships both at home and in the workplace.

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Eliminating the Hidden Causes of Conflict and Anger

ebook | 193 Pages


Do you know what pushes your buttons? Is it really what you think? Do you know why you react in self destructive,aggressive or limiting ways? The true causes of your moods are not what they appear to be. You will learn how to eliminate those causes based on 30 years of study and testing. Medical science has given us a great understanding of the body so we can heal it as well as bring it to optimal performance and health. David has done the same thing for the mind and personality. Don’t just think who you are, know who you are.


Anger management focuses on dealing with conflicts after they arise. Eliminating the Hidden Causes of Conflict and Angeris exactly what the title says. Eliminating the cause is the key to eliminating anger and conflict. With these truly unique concepts, anger rarely even arises.

The reader will discover the hidden causes which spur uncontrollable temperamental actions. Easy exercises help the reader quickly incorporate the principles in their life and develop balance, improve relationships, increase self-esteem and gain success in all endeavours.

Eliminating the Hidden Causes of Conflict and Anger is based on 30 years of research and testing in the business world by the author in several countries. This is not a re-write of other work, it is unique and based on personal experience.

The information is profound yet purely common sense and relates to experiences that everyone is familiar with. These concepts bring the breakthroughs people seek. The layout is in short chapters broken into sub-sections combined with stories and exercises which make the book readable in short sittings.

This unique book also delves into building self-esteem, improving relationships at home as well as in business, and many other aspects of personal and business development.


“David knows what he is talking about and has the credentials for writing this type of book. … The text is liberally sprinkled with examples and exercises, essential to a book like this, they are quite helpful and down-to-earth.”

“There are books on anger management, but they tend to be at the extreme end of the scale, aimed at men with severe anger problems. This book avoids that area, and is simply aimed at ordinary people coping with inner stresses, unresolved anger and everyday flair-ups of anger.”

“The book is publishable and he has got a lot of things right.”

Eliminating Anger: Don’t Just Contain It

ebook | 30 Pages


This book is a simple, clear and concise explanation of the causes of anger and conflicts and how to end them.

Readers state that their anger is reduced by 50% or more within 2 weeks of simply reading this book. It is an astounding method of significantly improving communications and mastering all situations, turning any hostile situation into a calm and positive result. A must read for virtually anyone from 14 through 90 years old.

This targeted book focuses on the subject of communication and its power to negatively control you, and the keys to disarming that power. Although the subject of Eliminating Angeris discussed in David’s other books, here the concept is expanded and dealt with in a deeper and more detailed study.

Eliminating Anger by Understanding the Power of Words is a wonderful introduction to the work of reducing negative emotions and experiences which is expanded in Eliminating the Hidden Causes of Conflict and Anger. Improve your personal relationships and business interactions within days!

This book is a (must read) piece of material for persons with not only anger management issues, but looking for self development.I deeply appreciate its valuable information and will apply these practices to my life, I’m fully confident that they would work.
Kyle Richardson
Wonderful book. Thank you for your educative approach. It feels good to know that every capable speaking person has a role to play in society. Many people can speak and let every word that comes out add value to behaviour and attitude change and, finally make the world a pieceful place to live.
Abdallah Ddumba
Great example of how to redirect and negotiate our feelings in an appropriate style. I will be using it at a talk I am doing for 12-14 year old children.

All IS Mind

Includes ebook (41 Pages) and PDF Model (8 pages)


Available in several languages:

GERMAN;  Alles Ist Mind

FRENCH; Les Clés de Votre Esprit

FARSI  Translation by: Yashar Ekhtiar Vekalati in Iran


Please specify your language choice when ordering.

All Is Minddetails the levels and components that make up a machine we all use to function yet know so little about, the human mind and personality.

It is a practical, decisive method to sort out confusing experiences of daily life. All Is Mind is about understanding the human mind and personality. Why do we do what we know is bad for us yet do not do what we know is good. What is the basic nature of your mind, how it came to be in its current condition and how any defects can be corrected for you to function according to your potential rather than sputter through life.

All Is Mind book and PDF model are a true working tool that anyone can use to bring their life to a state of balance and development which is the foundation for mystical and spiritual growth and enlightenment. More than a book, it is a true simple and effective vehicle of transformation. Look Inside

I’ve recently read your All is Mind a few times these last few days, and planning on doing it again and again…  Thank you for your writing it!  The style you wrote this piece has given me the ability to see my mind in a way I have not ever been able to see it.  This will be a new beginning of a long process realizing all the mucked up thoughts I’ve done most of 40 years of life. 
My sincere thanks to you,  Jackie

I love this book! It helped me become more aware of my thought process and begin to prioritize my desires! Great read, not long enough!  Calicia Brown

The Anatomy of the Mindbook-anatomy-of-the-mind

Includes ebook and PDF model


This model and book look at the Mind and Personality as individual organs.

By dividing several of the main character traits common to everyone, we explore the positive and negative sides of each aspect of our personality so we can return to a healthy function rather than atrophy into fixed ways of behaviour.

Similar to the All Is Mind book and PDF model, The Anatomy of the Mind is also a working tool that anyone can use to bring their life to a state of balance and development which is the foundation for a healthy life.

We offer a course in which we delve deeper into each organ with real life examples.