David’s vast experience encompassing 30 industries in 15 countries is shadowed by his cutting insight. He has the ability to see through what appears to be unsurmountable obstacles as if they are thin clouds.

Having started eight companies by the time he was 25 years old, when he reached millionaire status, David has clearly proven that he is a natural born entrepreneur able to build, improve or restructure almost any company in almost any industry, from basic everyday services and products to the nuclear and high tech fields.

A master problem solver, David loves the challenge of difficult or complex situations, and takes every project as a personal opportunity to improve his skills ever more while taking the client to success.

Ethics are a large part of how David works and following this principle he will not accept any project until an in-depth exploration makes him 100% certain that he will succeed in the task assigned.

  • Efficiency Improvement, Personal and Corporate
  • Restructuring Existing Companies for Expansion or Turnaround
  • New Company Start Up Planning
  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • Employer – Employee Relations and Communications
  • Sale – Purchase Negotiations
  • Management Training
  • Career Transitions
  • Personal and Executive Coaching