Motivational speaking is David’s forte. An inspiring power plant of positive energy, using many humorous yet valuable stories from several cultures, the audience quickly becomes engaged and leaves wanting more and more.

David has uplifted groups from young teens to the elderly who all find him to be a very unique and fascinating person. Bringing his experience of travel in 70 countries, a man who speaks only from personal experience of which there is enough to convey not only an entertaining presentation, David leaves the audience with precious and practical information to improve their lives.

Groups of 10 to 400, in a variety from high schools to keynote speaker at Toastmasters annual conference and other special interest groups in the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Germany, not a single rotten tomato has been thrown!

Gaining Power Over Your Emotions, Bonaire, Dutch Antilles

We Are Just A Dustball, Bonaire, Dutch Antilles