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How To Give 100% At Everything You Do

If we always did the best we could do, we would certainly excel and be recognized for excellent service and attitude, but we do not. There is always something that holds us back from giving fully and that can be a variety of reasons. The most powerful one is the fear that if you go too far, you may make a mistake and then look bad. Our instinct is to protect ourselves in the interest of getting more in the future. The problem is, that because we hold back, we never reach our potential and that means we do not increase our skills. Holding back means we never really do […]

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Poor VS Super Rich

For some people, struggle gives purpose, which is why people who are not rich, stay that way because if there is a struggle to survive, they have a purpose in their life. There is nothing worse than a life with no purpose and any purpose will do. Survival is a good purpose, so they maintain their limited financial level to guarantee they have a permanent purpose throughout their life, struggling to survive. For simplicity of the analogies in this article, I will divide everyone into two groups, rich and poor. Poor constitutes anyone who still wants more money. On the other side of the scale, what are the super rich […]

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The Eleventh Hour

I have found that there is a repeating theme, things that are reliant on something out of my control and must be done by a certain deadline, get done just in time. It generally applies to things in which I had no control, such as something I want to sell. I have to wait until someone wants to buy. I have had this happen on several occasions. For example, I needed to sell something in order to buy a newer model. It has been for sale for four months without receiving any interest. I set a deadline on selling the old model and purchasing the new one. After 4 months […]

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Why We Want To Be Able To Do Nothing, But Cannot Do Nothing For Long

We want to be rich so we do not have to do anything that we do not want to do, like go to work at a job we do not like or deal with the hassles of life because we cannot afford to just pay the money and be done with it. We want to live in a peaceful place so we can be completely still and silent and relaxed without obligations or pressure. We want this, yet so few people achieve it. Why? Why do we really want this freedom? For me, the reason is that it is only in that freedom from any obligations of life that my […]

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The Secret To Greater Intelligence And Meaning

“…From very young, we are taught to ask questions,  so we keep asking until we find answers…” This is a quote from Nobel prize winner, Dan Shechtman, in response to being asked why there are such a high percentage of Jewish nobel prize winners compared to any other race. This is not an article about Jews, but rather about the characteristic of people who excel in any way.  If you would always ask questions and never accept blank answers such as; ’that is just how it is’, you too would be much smarter than you are, and maybe, win some prizes of your own such as;  Self-esteem, confidence, clarity of […]

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Deadlines Are Natural, Resistance Is Futile

Deadlines are a natural part of the universe. There is no need to get stressed and resist them. If there are deadlines in a company, that means there will be deadlines in each department, and then deadlines put on each employee. The principle of cause and effect is seen in action, the original cause, a deadline to the client, trickles down to every link in the chain of creating what the client wants. If there are deadlines in the universe and the planet, there will be deadlines in all of our material world and lives. Everything material will one day come to an end, be it the planet, the universe, and […]

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A Coin Has Three Sides

Everyone knows that a coin only has two sides. But what defines a ‘side’? If the coin can stand or sit on it, then it must be a side. Heads, tails and the edge. Yes, a coin can sit on its edge, so that must be a side. To be on one of the two sides is to be subjective, you are this or that, you know what you are or what the situation is, and that is the perspective you see it from. This is always your subjective view based on how things will serve you the best. However, you may have noticed that this view does not always […]

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Getting Your Business And Life Going

If you find yourself going in circles and not getting anywhere with your life, personal or business, this article will help give you the power to break the endless loop. Look at every part of whatever you want to do and find the part or parts that are being done wrong. For example, if it is your business, you would examine the marketing, employees, pricing, production, debts, expenses, etc. If it is personal, you could objectively review your attitude and character, if you are open minded, and I mean really open minded, not just think you are. Do you treat people with respect, do you think you are always right, […]

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Improving Memory Through Logical Reasoning

Many people think they have a bad memory or simply cannot think straight. There are too many events which turn out that we forget something or neglect to prepare for the obvious, and this is attributed to a bad memory. What if it has nothing to do with memory at all but rather is the way thought is processed? How often have you heard or said; “What were you thinking!” and the reply is the usual; “I don’t know.” How can you not know? That is unacceptable, and of course that reply is usually followed by more frustration for all concerned. I would like to propose a possible solution and […]

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How To Make A Successful MasterMind Group

The principle of the Mastermind group is well known by many people and there are many groups that have been formed under the premise of mastermind support groups, but they rarely if ever deliver a successful outcome. I have seen many of these groups and they have one thing in common, they are very short lived due to a quickly dying interest from lack of success. This article is about the reasons that those groups have failed and naturally, the solution to creating an effective group and the different types of weaknesses we share. The first reason for failure is lack of perseverance. People get discouraged and drop off far […]

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