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Poor VS Super Rich

For some people, struggle gives purpose, which is why people who are not rich, stay that way because if there is a struggle to survive, they have a purpose in their life. There is nothing worse than a life with no purpose and any purpose will do. Survival is a good purpose, so they maintain their limited financial level to guarantee they have a permanent purpose throughout their life, struggling to survive. For simplicity of the analogies in this article, I will divide everyone into two groups, rich and poor. Poor constitutes anyone who still wants more money. On the other side of the scale, what are the super rich […]

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The Eleventh Hour

I have found that there is a repeating theme, things that are reliant on something out of my control and must be done by a certain deadline, get done just in time. It generally applies to things in which I had no control, such as something I want to sell. I have to wait until someone wants to buy. I have had this happen on several occasions. For example, I needed to sell something in order to buy a newer model. It has been for sale for four months without receiving any interest. I set a deadline on selling the old model and purchasing the new one. After 4 months […]

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The Difference Between Not Caring and Not Being Concerned

Not caring is an empty, dead feeling. Not being concerned is a very alive vibrant feeling that can come by keeping the awareness in the chest with no other thought, fully present. One is full and the other is empty. For this to be a full feeling, training and practice of repeating a word mantra (a mantra is any word that has an emotional impact or value to you) to get your mind focused and being able to sense within your body is necessary to be able to consistently do this on demand or have as a lasting or frequent state. The slightest touch of negative emotions turns it from […]

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Why People Are Going Postal

Have you ever been, or talked to someone who is clearly upset and when asked; “What’s wrong?” insists that nothing is wrong? The more you probe, the more they resist. There is clearly something wrong but they will not open up. You write it off as being emotionally closed and eventually give up. The problem is, you are asking them to open up in a way that they have for generations been bred not to do. We have been taught that no one likes a grumpy or depressed person so never let your feelings out or people will dislike you. This is quite interesting because it dates back to the […]

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We Hold Ourselves Back By Confusing One Emotion With Another

We often confuse our emotions with what we think they are as opposed to what they really are. This misinterpretation of our feelings to the opposite will keep us limited as this process most often interprets a wise emotion or intuition as a weak emotion or fear as we try to identify and explain our feelings. Seeing yourself as weak instead of strong will obviously prevent you from getting stronger and dealing with situations appropriately. Someone with low self-esteem said that obnoxious crowds intimidate her so she withdraws emotionally. I would say they disgust her and being disgusted with them, her wisdom and intuition makes her not want to be around […]

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Guilt, Debt and Happiness

Not everyone, but many people, have a level of guilt, insecurity or self-consciousness, a general unease and discomfort around other people. This article is about the cause and thus how to release guilt and attain emotional freedom. The key is at the end of the article, but you need to read the whole thing! Guilt is caused by having a debt. If we pay our debts, we will have no guilt and in this relinquishment, be emotionally free and happy. Debt in this case can be money, but is far more than that, we are deeply controlled by emotional debts. If you believe you have a debt, it is going […]

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Understanding Words, How To End Anger and Conflicts

Words are our main form of communication. Words have the greatest power to make us happy or sad, aggravated or elated. How can something that has no actual material reality have such a powerful effect over us emotionally and physically? Here is a very old thought that gives an idea of how we can release ourselves from the effects of other peoples words; “If someone gives you a gift, and you do not accept it, who does it belong to?” If someone threw a pillow at you, and you did not react to catch it, it would bounce right off your body and fall away. How one interprets the meaning […]

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The Secret To Greater Intelligence And Meaning

“…From very young, we are taught to ask questions,  so we keep asking until we find answers…” This is a quote from Nobel prize winner, Dan Shechtman, in response to being asked why there are such a high percentage of Jewish nobel prize winners compared to any other race. This is not an article about Jews, but rather about the characteristic of people who excel in any way.  If you would always ask questions and never accept blank answers such as; ’that is just how it is’, you too would be much smarter than you are, and maybe, win some prizes of your own such as;  Self-esteem, confidence, clarity of […]

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Deadlines Are Natural, Resistance Is Futile

Deadlines are a natural part of the universe. There is no need to get stressed and resist them. If there are deadlines in a company, that means there will be deadlines in each department, and then deadlines put on each employee. The principle of cause and effect is seen in action, the original cause, a deadline to the client, trickles down to every link in the chain of creating what the client wants. If there are deadlines in the universe and the planet, there will be deadlines in all of our material world and lives. Everything material will one day come to an end, be it the planet, the universe, and […]

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Getting Your Business And Life Going

If you find yourself going in circles and not getting anywhere with your life, personal or business, this article will help give you the power to break the endless loop. Look at every part of whatever you want to do and find the part or parts that are being done wrong. For example, if it is your business, you would examine the marketing, employees, pricing, production, debts, expenses, etc. If it is personal, you could objectively review your attitude and character, if you are open minded, and I mean really open minded, not just think you are. Do you treat people with respect, do you think you are always right, […]

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